Why can't I get phone calls?

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Is your phone registered with trixbox Pro ?

  1. Click on Extensions --> view extensions
  2. Locate the extension that cannot receive calls from the list.  Is the circle red or green?
    1. If the circle is Red:
    2. If the circle is Green:
      1. Have you accidentally set your Do Not Disturb status?
      2. Is your phone forwarding?
        1. Login to the User Panel for the extension having trouble
        2. Click on the Features tab
        3. Make sure that the extension is not forwarding to an outside number, the FindMe settings are configured to ring the phone first, and the caller is part of any White List or VIP List
      3. Is the phone's volume turned all the way down?
        1. If you don't hear the phone ringing, first check the volume status by pressing the up volume key while the handset is cradled
  3. Are you using Power over Ethernet?
    1. In some cases, the cabling used from the PoE switch to the phone is not sufficient to carry the power required for the phone.  Fonality has observed a customer network with PoE switches deployed where a single phone stopped working over time because the cable quality was poor to begin with and degraded with use.  In this case, the resolution is always to ensure that each switchport in a PoE switch is neither over-powered nor under-powered and that the cable running to the phone is high-quality and durable.
    2. For example - the Polycom 550 requires a 24V DC connection @ 500mA min
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