Need to download the PC (Windows only) softphone application?
Get version 1.5 Here!
Or: Previous version 1.1 (3012r) here.

On a Trixbox? Get the Trixbox (Windows only) softphone Here!

For Mac OS X you will need to use a third party Softphone such as ZoIPer.

Installation Instructions

The Fonality Softphone is fully supported on Mac (up to OS X 10.5) and PC!

Make sure that you have your softphone license key written down somewhere as you will need it during the installation process.

  1. Plug your headset into your computer's headset port (sometimes located on the front of the computer)
  2. Log into the trixbox Pro Admin Panel at using your server’s admin username and password.
  3. Click the “Extensions” tab, and locate the extension you wish to pair with the softphone. Click on the extension number and review all off the settings for accuracy (email address, web username, web password, etc.)
  4. Set the “Phones/Devices” drop-down menu to the softphone (e.g. SOFTPHONE001).
  5. Click “Apply all changes” once you have selected all of your desired settings.
  6. Run the softphone installer (see the download link above).
  7. When the installer runs, enter your registration key (from the CSV file emailed when you ordered your softphone(s).
  8. To properly provision the softphone, please use the Fonality web username & web password for your individual extension.  The admin login will not work.
  9. The audio tuning wizard lets you adjust your headset and microphone.  Just follow the directions.
  10. When you complete the installation wizard, your phone will be fully configured with the correct extension and device information.

Standard Softphone Settings

  • Display name: EXTN
  • Username: SOFTPHONEXXX
  • Password: EXTN prior to March 1, 2009, Randomly-generated string post March 1, 2009
  • Authorization Username: SOFTPHONEXXX
  • Domain:
  • [x] Register with domain
  • [x] Use as outbound proxy
  • [_] Manual override
  • [_] (SIP listen port) Manual override


Remote Softphones

Change your Domain value to and make sure that your connections at both ends (remote softphone & trixbox Pro ) are open on UDP port 5060 and the UDP port range 9710-20000.

After adding the 'x' the softphone still will not register

[previous softphone ver. 1.1 only]

There is a known-issue with the Fonality Softphone where adding the 'x' to the registrar server string does not allow the Softphone to be used remotely.  The following work-around has been qualified and approved by Fonality Tech Support:

  1. Launch the Fonality Softphone
  2. Right-click on the Softphone and select Settings
  3. Select the Server option underneath SIP Accounts (see the image below)
  4. Check the Manual Override option underneath Domain Proxy (please be careful - there are two identical options that say "Manual Override" in this section)
  5. Fill in in the text box next to the word Host (note: you do not need to use the 'x' in this case)
  6. Click Apply
  7. Now UNCHECK the Manual Override option (you are UNDOING everything you just accomplished)
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click Close
  10. The Softphone should register with your server. 


The work-around documented here need only be performed the first time you attempt to use the Softphone from a location remote to your server.  Once you have completed these steps once, the Softphone can be taken to your office and then taken back out to a remote location and register correctly (you must keep in mind that the x in the registrar string needs to be removed when you are local, and added when you are remote each and every time).


License key does not work - invalid license key

1.) The whole key is more than 60 characters long, and it's easy to miss part of it (especially if it word-
So first, make sure that there is a dash roughly in the middle.  For example, here's a made-up license key:

2.) Make sure that the key is copied in with no spaces at the beginning nor end.  Erase any spaces.

3.) Compare the first four and last four characters against the document - it could be that a letter or number is missing at the beginning or end.



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