Polycom 501 Injector Cable

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The Polycom 501 IP phone does not natively support Power-over-Ethernet.  For this reason, a special PoE adapter cable (or "injector") is required in order for the phone to get power from the Ethernet cable.

Below is a diagram of both RJ45 "heads" of the special PoE Injector cable.  The cable has been designed so that the Phone (labeled P in the diagram) side has a small plastic prong which will not fit into a switchport other than the port on the back of the Polycom 501 phone.

The other end of the cable (labeled W for wall) should be connected to your switch, router, or network jack in the wall (if your building is wired for CAT5 cabling). 

Under no circumstances should you force the incorrect end of the injector cable into a switch, router, wall jack, or any other Ethernet interface other than the Polycom 501 phone.  You should not manipulate the RJ45 head in any way including but not limited to: cutting, sanding, clipping, crimping, and grinding.  Doing anything to manipulate the plastic prong on the RJ45 head in any way will void your warranty on the cable (you will still be covered for the phone).


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