Blind transfer - how to

Most IP Phones that Fonality sells support the ability to perform a blind transfer.  Regardless of your model of phone, blind transfers are performed by the following actions:

  1. Press the Xfer key or the Trnsfr key located either on the LCD as a 'soft' key or as a hardkey physically on the phone
  2. Dial the target Extension
  3. Press the Xfer key or the Trnsfr key once again before the other party answers the phone
Polycom SoundPoint 320/330 Instructions

These two phones work a bit differently:

  1. While on a call, the "Trans" softkey will be on the screen. Press the button under it, then a new menu will appear on the screen. It will have the options "Normal", "Cancel" and "Blind".
  2. Choose "Blind" and enter the extension/phone number. The call will then be sent and the Caller-ID will be the one of the party calling in. You do not need to choose the "Trans" key a second time.
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